Prototyping Pore Sealer / Varnish E495

Prototyping Pore Sealer / Varnish E495

E 495 is a single component, transparent, film - forming, polyurethane varnish used as a sealer / pore sealer on absorbent surfaces in prototyping applications. Cures by reaction with ground and air moisture.

· Film-Forming

· Easy Application (single component)

· Chemical resistance

· Mechanical resistance

· Excellent adhesion on absorbent surfaces


The E 495 is a highly specialized, prototyping sealer / varnish for use in preparation of porous, absorbent objects before the application of elastomeric resins in order to be copied (production of a negative prototype mold).

Before prototyping, check parts to be copied are free of any trace of moisture (Maximum surface moisture content should not exceed 4%).

Apply the E 495 on object to be copied, by brush in two layers. Allow varnish to cure for about 1-2 hours before the application of the next layer. If the object to be copied is very porous and highly absorbent, apply a third layer to ensure all pores are completely closed.


Pails should be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 9 months. Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight.