Silicone mold # 61

Mould is made of 100% platinum-based food-grade silicone.
Ideal for materials such as:
- Epoxy resin
- Soap suspension
- Wax
- Food mixtures (chocolate, gelatin, dough, etc.)
- Gypsum
- Cement
- Liquid plastics
- Liquid silicones
- Polyurethane resins

Provides safe use in a microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher. Temperature range from -40 C to +210 C.
Silicone mould reusable. Easy to clean, non-stick, odour-resistant.
Before pouring, make sure that the surface on which the mould lies is flat.
After use, rinse with warm water (avoid the use of detergents and sponges so as not to damage the glossy surface).