Polyurethane coating

Product description:
Polyurethane resin C 2205 is a two component, semi-thixotropic, solvent
free, semi-rigid, polyurethane resin, used in polystyrene foam
covering. C 2205 provides excellent durability, high
impact strength, low elasticity, chemical resistance properties with
minimum shrinkage.
Cures by reaction (cross linking) of the two components even at very
low temperatures.

The product C 2205 is a specialized semi-rigid and semi-thixotropic Polyurethane resin for:
Coating of Polystyrene parts (EPS, XPS)
Coating of Polyurethane parts (PUR, PIR)

  •   Solvent free
  •  Semi-thixotropic, no sagging of the coating during application
  •  Shore D 30
  •  Variable pot life depending on requirement
  •  Sandable and paintable
  •  Minimum shrinkage
  •  High impact strength, due to permanent low elasticity
  •  Chemical resistant


Surface Preparation
Before application, check that Polystyrene parts (EPS, XPS) are free of any trace of moisture (Maximum surface moisture content should not
exceed 4%).
Mixing & Casting
Stir C 2205 Component A well before using. C 2205 Component A and Component B should be mixed by low speed mechanical stirrer, according to the indicated mixing ratio in this technical data sheet, for about 2 min. The mixing of the components has to be affected very thoroughly, especially on the walls and bottom of the pail, until the mixture becomes fully homogeneous. After the initial mixing of the two components, transfer the mixture into a clean container and mix again for 1min, in order to make sure that the components have been mixed thoroughly.

RECOMMENDATION: Use a suitable sized vacuum apparatus (-1 bar), to remove entrapped air bubbles from the C 2205 A+B mixture, directly after mixing and before casting.
Apply C 2205 resin with a brush on the polystyrene surface. After 1-12h apply a second coat of the C 2205 resin.

ATTENTION: Please ensure consumption within the Pot Life. C 2205 has to be stored and used at a temperature higher than 15°C.

Finishing & Painting
48-72h after application of the C2205, it is ready to be sanded and painted. Please use paints that are compatible with PUR resins.
We recommend an adhesion test first.

Technical information: