Polyurethane Insulating Resin

R3400 - 1kg
Product description:
Polistep R 3400 is a two component, solvent free, medium viscosity, highly elastic, Polyurethane electro insulating Resin. It provides excellent durability, chemical resistance properties with minimum shrinkage. Cures by reaction (cross linking) of the two components at room temperature. Mixing ratio is A:B = 100:100 by weight.
•      Solvent free
•      Highly elastic
•      Hardness (Shore A Scale) 10
•      Cold curing
•      Good adhesion to cables, plastics and metal
•      Excellent hydrolytic stability
•      Low exothermic reaction temperature
•      Minimum shrinkage
•      High impact strength
•      Chemical and hydrocarbon resistant
•      The Polistep R 3400 is supplied in Beige and Black.

The Polistep R 3400 is a Polyurethane electro- insulating resin for:
• Cable endings

Surface Preparation
Before adhering make sure that all surfaces to be used are free of any trace of moisture (Maximum surface moisture content should not exceed 4%). Also make sure that the surface is not contaminated with oils, grease, dust, lubricants, release agents and other impurities that could prevent the adhesion.

Manual Mixing & Application
 Stir Polistep polyurethane R 3400 Component A well before using. Stir Polistep polyurethane R 3400 Component B well before using.
Polistep R 3400 Component A and Component B should be mixed by low speed mechanical stirrer, according to the indicated mixing ratio in this technical data sheet, for about 1-3 min if applied manually. When mixing, care must be taken to avoid the introduction of excessive amounts of air. After mixing of the Components A+B, transfer the mixture in a second clean container and mix again for 15-20 sec. Following to that we recommend to use a Vacuum Chamber (@-1bar for 60-120 sec) to remove any air bubbles from the mixture prior to use.

ATTENTION: The mixing of the components has to be performed very thoroughly, especially on the walls and bottom of the pail until the mixture becomes fully homogeneous and streak free. Please ensure consumption within the Pot Life. Containers of Part A (Resin) and Part B (Hardener) should be kept hermetically sealed at all times when not in use to prevent the ingress of moisture. Never use if the viscosity of the adhesive/resin is starting to rise as this is a sign that the end of the Pot Life is reached and the resin should not be used any more.

WARNING: Incomplete mixing or use of the wrong mix ratio will result in erratic or partial curing. Containers of Part A (Resin) and Part B (Hardener) should be kept sealed at all times when not in use to prevent the ingress of moisture. If moisture ingress, the resin mixture will create foam while curing. Containers of Part A (Resin) and Part B (Hardener) should be kept stored at a Temperature between 10-30oC.
Apply Polistep R 3400 resin by manual pouring or dispensing equipment to the object to be potted.

RECOMMENDATION:  Before use or change in surface to be adhered make an adhesion test to make sure that adhesion is optional.
 RECOMMENDATION: Use Postcuring in a heating apparatus (@50-60oC for 2-24h) to accelerate curing and lower final curing time.