Polyurethane resin E-445 (liquid rubber for molding)

E 445 is a two-component, solvent-free high tensile polyurethane elastomer. Excellent flexibility and high tensile strength with minimal contraction.

The reaction of both components (polymerization) even at very low temperatures.
Technical information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cbG_MxCK8PQ7mKEwaBfiUy9UEiqmClm3/view?usp=sharing

• Solvent free
• Shore hardness A 40-45
• Long pot life
• Possibility of mounting in cold temperature (but with minimum moisture)
• Minimal contraction
• High tensile strength.
• High impact resistance.
• Chemically resistant
• More than 10 years of positive reviews around the world.

Preparation of moulds.

Before casting, make sure that the details or moulds are free from traces of moisture (the maximum moisture content on the surface should not exceed 4%). Before applying E 445, the prepared object should be coated with a suitable liquid mould release agent such as E 499 or an equivalent mould release agent to avoid sticking.


Mix component E 445 B carefully before use. Then mix both components until smooth by using a slow mixer. Vacuuming improves the quality of work.

Component A and Component B E 445 should be mixed with a low speed mechanical mixer according to the mixing ratio indicated on this data sheet for approximately 3 minutes when used manually. Two components (component A and component B) should be mixed at temperatures above 18 °C. Component B can be heated up to 40 °C to lower the viscosity, but this implies shorter application time.

CAUTION: mix the ingredients very carefully, especially on the sides and bottom of the bucket, until the mixture is completely homogeneous.


Brush E 445 onto mould or prototype to avoid formation of air pockets. Pour the E 445 resin into the mould after 15-30 minutes.

TIP: Remove air bubbles with a suitable dryer or vacuum chamber.

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