Food-Grade Silicone F-5040 (40 ShA)

Two-component platinum-based molding silicone. It is treated with a two-component reaction (compound) at room temperature. Mixing ratio (A:B) = 1:1.
It has a low level of viscosity, elastic, durable for breaks, provides minimal shrinkage. It is characterized by high wear resistance. Notices excellent cleaning, non-toxic. Easy to use.

!! Platinum catalyzed silicone + liquid casting plastic (PC26-G226 or PC39-G226) = possible material conflict !!

It is used in the food industry. Suitable for making chocolate molds, candy molds, cookie molds, nougat molds, fondant molds, sugar molds.
Both mechanical and manual mixing are permissible. Mix both ingredients thoroughly before use. Before mixing, make sure that both components are at room temperature. Keep in mind that when storing (or transporting) the material in cold weather, it can take up to 24 hours for the components to reach room temperature. The optimal temperature in the room during molding should be 20-25 ° C, and the humidity is not more than 50%. Use clean, dry containers to mix ingredients. Mix the mixture thoroughly for 2-3 minutes, periodically scraping off the walls and bottom of the tank.

Technical specification;

Вес: 1 кг