Transparent silicone

Clear water silicone-1kg
Transparent two-component liquid silicone from Polistep looks like water. Ideal for decorative work. This silicone is ideal for encapsulation of artificial flower stems, various kinds of decors, and other things. Pour clear silicone around almost any inanimate object to encapsulate it. Create various interior and décor items, and create water or pond effects in your decorative nature model, fully cured silicone can also be crushed to create the effect of broken glass, gems, or ice. Color pastes can be used to adjust the color of the silicone. The finished silicone is quite fragile, but the master’s hands will be able to create a kind of masterpiece from a single hardened piece of silicone. It is enough just to use the right tool for processing silicone.

Work Time: ≥ 60 min
Curing time: ≥ 16-36 h

  • Non-Hazardous
  • No dangerous chemicals inside
  • Easy to use (Mixing Ratio A:B = 100:2-3 by weight/A:B=100g:2g-3g)
  • Minimal bubble entrapment
  • Cured silicone can be released from the object in which encapsulation took place
  • Soft and durable
  • UV resistant
  • Cures without generating any dangerous heat or fumes
  • Cures perfectly clear
  • Looks just like water

Вес: 1 кг