Moulding Silicone on Tin Catalyst PLS-525 (hardness 25 ShA)

Two-component silicone rubber: liquid silicone and tin-based hardener, Shore A hardness (,25), hardening at room temperature, component ratio 100:2. Exceptional fluidity, convenience and ease of use, easy demoulding. Good stretchability, elasticity, tear strength, low shrinkage. High replicability and durability of operation.
Silicone rubber for moulding of polyurethanes, polyester resins, plaster, wax, paraffin, gypsum, concrete, liquid plastics, soaps. For the production of souvenirs, sculptures, figurines and other handicrafts

• Mechanical as well as manual mixing is acceptable.
• Mix the base (component A) thoroughly and shake the catalyst (component B) thoroughly before use.
• Make sure the compound has a room temperature before mixing the components. Keep in mind that when storing (or transporting) material outdoors in cold weather, it may take up to 24 hours for the components to reach room temperature. The optimum room temperature during moulding should be 20-25 °C, and the humidity should not exceed 50%. Use a clean and dry container to mix the components. Mix the mixture thoroughly for 1-3 minutes, periodically scrubbing from the sides and bottom of the container.

Technical information:

Brand - PLS-525
Colour - white
Hardener proportion (%) - 2%
Pot life (min 25 ℃) -20m
Polymerization time (hours 25 ℃) - 4h
Shore hardness (A°) - 25
Density (g/cm 3) - 1.08
Viscosity (mPas -25 ℃) + -2000 = 22000
Tensile strength (kgf/cm2) - ≥28
Tear resistance (kgf/cm) - ≥18
Elongation at break (%) ≥390
Linear shrinkage (%) ≤0.2

Вес: 1 кг