Thickener for silicone - 30g

Thickener for silicone - 30g
With this additive, you can make silicone paste of different viscosity by using liquid silicone!
Super Mold silicones with added thickener are used in production of silicone shell molds.
The thixotropic additive makes the silicone thicker, which makes it possible to apply it to the model with a brush. The surface can be either vertical or horizontal.
Also, the use of a thixotropic agent makes it possible to create technological thickenings on shell molds.
In addition, the thickener makes it possible to quickly and easily form technological thickenings in silicone shell molds, without which it is very difficult to obtain a reliable and durable elastic fixture.
Different levels of viscosity are achieved with different dosages from 1% to 3%, depending on the density of the final product you need.