Hardener for silicone (transparent) - 25g

Hardener for silicone - 25g
Hardener for silicone is an additive that is used for hardening of liquid silicone.
It is added to the mixture in a ratio of 1 to 3%, depending on the required life time of the silicone, the optimal proportion of silicone and hardener is 2,5% : 100% by weight.
When mixing two components, make sure that there are no unmixed particles on the walls and bottom of the container.
You can mix the components both manually and mechanically, by shaking them thoroughly beforehand.
In this case, the compound and hardener must be at room temperature. If the transportation is carried out in cold weather, it must be kept indoors for 24 hours.
The optimal environment is 20-25°C and humidity not more than 50%.