Coating Silicone. (10 Shore hardness)

Sil-7102=1 kg
Included: 1kg liquid molding silicone PLS-510 (10 units on the Shore scale) + thickener for silicone 30g + hardener for silicone ( transparent color catalyst) 20g

The density of the material (silicone does not drain from vertical surfaces) makes it possible to use it in creating molds for vertical surfaces or where it is impossible to remove the mold in a standard way. It is also applied as reinforcing layers for complex shapes. The coating material can be applied to surfaces made of gypsum, wood, stone, paraffin, etc.

Recommendations: To improve the strength of the silicone mold, reinforcement with threads or bandages is required.

Making silicone paste: In the required amount of liquid molding silicone (A component), add a little additive -  thickener. Don't rush to add too much thickener, start with one drop! The recommended amount of thickener is 2% by weight of silicone. Mix well. Add the thickener until you get a silicone paste of the required thickness. As soon as the desired level of density is reached, add to the mass a hardener for silicone (B component) in the desired proportion indicated on the package. We remind you that the ratio of silicone and catalyst - A: B = 100g: 2g.  Mix well. The coating silicone is ready! Now is the time to apply it with a brush or spatula, or with your hands on the vertical surface from which you need to remove the mold.