Coating Silicone. 7102 (10 Shore hardness)

Sil-7102=1 kg
Silicones of the 7102 series are used for molding polyurethane, polyurethane foam, polyurethane plastics, epoxy resins, gypsum, waxes, fiberglass, polyesters, low-melting metals. The materials of 7102 series are used for parts with complex configuration and are applied in the industrial and artistic sectors, including the processing of molds for the production of prototypes, furniture, sculptures, architectural elements, for creating candles and plaster figurines, toys, soaps, sculptures of various shapes, etc. 7102 - A two-component silicone compound, a white thick paste hardened with a hardener. The thixotropy of the material (the compound does not flow when applied to a vertical surface) makes it possible to use it for removing molds from vertical surfaces, where it is impossible to dismantle the pattern. It is also used as reinforcing layers for complex shapes.

Recommendations: to improve the silicone strength, reinforcement with threads or bands is required.

The price is indicated for 1 kg of two components.
Pastelike silicone for creating molds

100% - Component A (silicone)
2% - Component B (hardener)

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