Silicone plasticine-LH-35

LH-35=500 gr
Silicone plasticine.
Suitable for impression taking on any surface.
Suitable for making properties, craft work, fabrication of human organs for filming and much more.
The price is specified for 0.5 kg of two components.
Silicone paste for mold making
250 g - component A (silicone)
250 g - component B (hardener)
For a model of 100% non-toxic silicone rubber paste to be applied directly to the copied product. Before use, the silicone must be mixed with the catalyst in a ratio of 1 to 1 until a uniform color is obtained.
The consistency of polystep paste is non-sticky, so instruments do not need to be washed after use.
In addition to copying the shape of small products, this silicone is ideal for creating the shape of cup holders, trays and other similar decorations: the sides are made of silicone and the base is made of plexiglass or film.

Technical information: