Epoxy Resin for tables

  • Fill thickness up to 10 cm
  • UV-resistant, does not turn yellow after a long time
  • Low level of viscosity
  • Working time - 60-120 minutes

The recommended application is the manufacture and coating of tables, but is also used for the manufacture of souvenirs, transparent keyrings, filling images (photos), paintings, 3D images, making countertops, tables, wall panels. Often used for pouring into molds with natural fillers, such as marble and granite crumbs, quartz sand, shells, coins, banknotes, etc.

Technical information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gSm-XIoxhzNfwfpwKcOLGXMISbSuT8ja/view?usp=sharing

Instructions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rP__rk40RKoV73Nq11cyX44iPHGrdo8v/view?usp=sharing
!!! Be sure to follow simple safety rules! When working with any epoxy resins, use a respirator, wear gloves and, if you have hypersensitivity of your eyes, be sure to take care of the presence of safety glasses in your eyes.
Ratio for mixing A:B = 3:1
The proper proportion of mixing of components is determined by weight.
We recommend using an accurate scale for the correct weighing of the components. DO NOT try to measure the components by volume. Mixing tanks should be clean and dry, without potential pollutants such as dirt, dust or grease. It is necessary to mix the components in a well-ventilated room.

Mix only the required amount of HL-310 resin together with the appropriate hardener amount. Mix the mixture thoroughly for 3-7 minutes, scraping the product from the walls and bottom of the container. It is desirable to perform a double mixing procedure.

Before pouring the surface or object with epoxy resin, it is recommended to prime it thoroughly with a thin layer of the same resin and let it dry. It is especially recommended to do this with porous surfaces to prevent air bubbles.

Fill the mixture with one jet directed to the bottom of the mould. Let the mixture itself be evenly distributed. Uniform spreading of the mixture will help to avoid capturing air into the mixture.

The curing time at room temperature varies depending on the mass of the composition. The surface of the resulting product can be grinded. When machining or grinding, it is necessary to wear a respirator that prevents dust from entering the respiratory tract. Life time and curing time directly depend on the weight and configuration of the product. Full curing time 96 hours (+ 5-7 days before polishing and grinding)

The finished products are strong and durable. They have moisture resistance, moderate heat resistance, and can also be machined, painted, primed or glued to other surfaces.

Вес: 1 кг