Epoxy resins

Pouring epoxy resin is suitable for different types of fillings. Epoxy resin is transparent and UV resistant.
Crystal clear epoxy resin is suitable for decorative work and creativity, as well as epoxy resin is suitable for drawing.
Our epoxy resins are used for pouring tables, floor, cup holders, lamps, infusion, lamination and many other fillings.
The range includes liquid and thick epoxy resins.
Only in 2020!
The chemical industry has developed a revolutionary product!
The most advanced epoxy coating on the market!
Supertransparent UV resistant epoxy resins HL310, very liquid base, great for Wood River tables and much more.

100% free of volatile organic compounds. Virtually odorless.

Epoxy resin is used in such places as wineries, restaurants, kitchens or enclosed spaces.

Epoxy resin HL310 profile will surpass every products that are presented on the Baltic market.

Improvement of our service!
About our goals in 2023.
The Company Polistep will expand its product range in the direction of epoxy resins and pigments of various types.
Also, Company Polistep will speed up the time of sending the goods to the client, which will significantly speed up delivery to the final destination.

B: Which is the best way to mix this crystal-clear epoxy resins?
O: You need to make sure you have the correct weight portions of both components, the base resin portion and the hardener portion.

Pour both components into a mixing bucket and mix both components, we recommend using a paddle mixer for at least 6-8 minutes until fully mixed.
Don't worry about bubbles in the mixture, they will all disappear on their own during the hardening process.

B: How long does take hardening and at what temperature can crystal-clear epoxy resins be casted?
O: The optimum ambient temperature range is 25° to 100°C. In this temperature range, the epoxy resins begins gelling after 90-120 minutes and hardening takes 5-7 hours. Below 25°C the hardening process will slow down even more.
Temperatures above 85°C will accelerate hardening. By the way, we also have high temperature epoxy resins, it can be used at ambient temperature of 280°C.

B: How do I fix a crystal-clear epoxy surface that has hardened with bands?
O: There are several factors that can cause bands to be formed on the surface of a hardened epoxy resins.
In most cases, this can be fixed with a thin layer of epoxy resins over the previous layer.

B: How much mica or pigment can I use for a crystal-clear epoxy resins?
O: We suggest using only color pigments on the epoxy resins basis (such as our Supercolor liquid pigments), mica pigment powder, alcohol based ink and dyes.
While 12% is the color limit, and a higher pigment percentage can affect the hardening process.
Remember, the higher the percentage of dye you add, the less chance of a perfect hardening.

If you add too much pigment, your project will not harden. Our limit is 12%, which is more than enough to create a nontransparent coating, but you can also use a lower percentage of dye to achieve a semitransparent coating.
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