UV Epoxy Resin

UV epoxy is a transparent gel that hardens under the influence of ultraviolet (UV) light. It consists of one component and does not require mixing with the catalyst (hardener). It can be painted or decorated with powder or paste pigments to create the desired shade. Do not use too much pigment, otherwise the resin may not freeze properly.  Do not stain with alcohol pigments.

Usage: Thoroughly clean and degrease the surface on which the resin will be poured. Work slowly to avoid bubbles. If they continue to form, heat the surface of the product with a hairdryer before UV treatment to bring the bubbles to the surface. Pre-heating the resin can prevent bubbles from forming.
Place the product under the UV lamp for 1-2 minutes. If pigments are added to the resin, increase the heating time and follow the general rule: «The darker the color, the longer the heating».
If you want to get a 3 mm thick product, it can be done with several castings. The first layer should be completely dry before casting the next layer.

*UV lamp sold separately

Вес: 1 кг