Crystal clear epoxy resin for 3D floors FL-210
Used for: production of souvenirs, transparent keyholders, potting of images (photographs), paintings, 3D images, making of 3D floors, designer floors, production of tabletops, tables, wall panels, often used for moulding with natural fillers such as marble and granite chips, quartz sand, shells, coins, banknotes, etc.

The proper component-mixing ratio is determined by weight and is 100 parts of resin to 50 parts of hardener (100 A :50 B). We recommend using accurate scales to weigh the components correctly. DO NOT try to measure components by volume. Mixing containers should be clean and dry. The components should be mixed in a well-ventilated area.
Mix only the required amount of FL-210 resin with the appropriate amount of hardener. Mix the mixture thoroughly for 3-7 minutes, by scraping the product from the sides and bottom of the container. Before mixing, make sure the containers are clean, free of potential contaminants such as dirt, dust or grease, and water. Mix and clean scrape away the material from the sides and bottom of the mixing container several times. A double mixing procedure is desirable.
Pour the mixture by one flush directed to the bottom of the mould. Let the mixture equalize. The uniform mixture flow will help to avoid air capture in the mixture.
Hardening time at room temperature will vary depending on the weight of the composition. The surface of the resulting product can be polished. In case of mechanical treatment or polishing, a respirator must be worn to prevent dust from entering the respiratory tract. Given that all epoxy resins are weight sensitive, pot life and hardening time are directly dependent on the weight and configuration of the product. Full hardening time is 96 hours (+ 5-7 days before polishing)
Hardened products are strong and durable. They are moisture resistant, moderately heat resistant, and can also be machined, painted, primed or glued to other surfaces.

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